Backless dress


The title describes it all. We love love love the brides that can bare it all – well at least most of their backs. What do you think about these backless/open/low back/ statement wedding gowns? Are they too sexy for a wedding? Well, isn’t it her day – she should wear whatever makes her happy, right? And with these types of gowns, all eyes will definitely be on her! Take a look:


Temperley London

Temperley London

Johanna Hehir 


 Green Wedding Shoes

Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

Intimate Weddings


 Delphine Manivet

 Rosa Clara



Angela Karen Photography 


 Patty Ponto Con

Wanda Borges

 Green Photographic

These open back wedding dresses are definitely sexayyy! :)

And for a slightly more modest bride…

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