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It’s no secret that brides are are always looking for the newest, most innovative and fun touches to add to their wedding day. Whether it’s in their decor or through an offbeat and thoughtful ceremony addition, brides these days are making their weddings stand out with new traditions and special touches. Brides who are looking for an exciting, feminine, and unique wedding day style should seriously consider a wedding dress with polka dots. It’s one of the prettiest ways to add a unique and delightful element to your bridal look, in a classic and timeless way.

Sweet Tea Photography via Glamour and Grace

Green Bride Guide

Bayly + Moore Photography via Boho Weddings

Alexander Terekhov



Dasha Caffrey Photography via Bridal Musings

Nick Tucker Photography via The Rock and Roll Bride


C Magazine

Candy Anthony


Christian Dior

Dan and Melissa Photography via Lovebird Productions

Melissa Musgrove via Martha Stewart Weddings

J.Crew via Martha Stewart Weddings

So what do you think of this cute and effortless wedding style? Is it sweet and interesting, or kitschy and too retro for your taste? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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