Bridesmaid dresses for the beach


It”s difficult to walk around in full formal garb on a sandy beach. Thankfully, a beach wedding generally indicates a less glamorous occasion. That”s not to say brides and bridesmaids alike can”t dress the part. It does mean there”s less pouf involved. A beach wedding bridesmaid dress doesn”t have to touch the sand. The ideal length is to the calf. Bridesmaids are still dressed in an elegant manner, but it”s easier to walk. Dresses can be strapless or sleeved but they should compliment the bride. If she”s going sleek and streamlined, the bridal party will want to do the same.

The hem length should match that of the bride to some extent as well. If she”s wearing a full length gown, bridesmaids can wear a gown of any length, but if her dress is shorter so should the members of the bridal party.


If you”re going strapless or if your shoulders will be somewhat bare, a wrap might be in order. Beach weather is unpredictable. There”s a good chance it will be a cloudy or windy day. When purchasing your beach wedding bridesmaid dress, find out if it comes with a matching wrap. If it doesn”t, visit a dressy dress or formal wear shop to see if they sell an appropriate item.

Things to Consider With a Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

It”s tough enough to walk in the sand, the last thing you want is to have to attempt this feat in heels and stocking. Shoes should also reflect the event. For dressier dresses consider strappy sandals with a short heel. A more casual dress might warrant sandals or even a pair of specially decorated flip flops. You may also prefer to forgo the stockings for a more bare look.

Where to Shop

If you”re in the market for a beach wedding bridesmaid dress, there are several places you can look.

Simple, easy styles are always beach-ready.

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