Long sleeved maxi dress

There is no doubt that a maxi dress is considered one of the most famous and modest women styles all over the world. It suits all body shapes and all occasions, besides the appeal of being an Islamic piece of garments. As we all know the maxi fashion trend has conquered all stores this year to announce such kinds of dresses as the master for summer 2011. A long sleeved maxi dress seemed as a necessity for all women after it has been introduced by many famous fashion houses like Armani, Chanel, Hermes and many other well- known brands. As any other kind of maxi dresses, a long sleeved dress can be made of chiffon, silk, jersey or even cotton to suit all tastes and body shapes. The style can even be worn by the mother of the bride as considered a modest and old age style before a fashion trend. A long sleeved dress can be a summer trend or a winter garment depending on how it is designed and of which fabrics it is made. It suit all ages; especially the old ladies and it is more comfortable than women’s tailleurs and other garments.

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