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Welcome to High Street Week Ladies! This week  we are celebrating the best of High Street Bridal. One major upside of the economic woes of the last couple of years is that as budgets have contracted the high street retailers have expanded out their wedding collections. They offer brides (and grooms) great options such as wedding dresses, bridal shoes, suits etc that are not only great value, but are really on trend, and so many are beautifully made, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a €150 and a €1500 wedding dress. Today we’ve picked a few great wedding gowns to give you a flavour of what High Street Wedding Dresses are like…


First up is the mainstay of high street weddings: Coast – the old formalwear reliable isn’t just good for value bridesmaids dresses, they also stock a small selection of wedding dresses every season. This silk champagne-coloured Allure Maxi Dress is a steal at €225.

Monsoon has a brilliant selection of dresses – this is the Summerso


Coast also do an exclusive collection for Debenhams, which this season includes this very pretty layered silk georgette chiffon in ivory with a silver beaded belt, called the Robin, at a cost of €300.

For a more traditional A-Line dress, BHS has a selection of dresses from ?495, they have a store in Belfast which stocks the wedding range. They also have column dresses from ?100 and a selection of veils and other accessories.


One high street wedding dress collection you may not be aware of is from Phase Eight – stocked as a concession in a lot of department stores in Ireland, in the UK they have full shops of their own. They carry a limited number of wedding dresses including the Stephanie is ?250.

Very is a part of the Littlewoods group and carries a big range of Nicholas Millington wedding dresses, this beaded wedding gown is just €299. Delivery will take 3 weeks, but there’s free returns policy, so no fuss if you’re not happy with it. Worth a try I think!

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