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This week I have another royal Chic Vintage Bride. In fact she is the niece of last week’s Chic Vintage Bride – Alice Montagu Douglas Scott, the daughter of Princess Marina (who’s wedding will shortly be gracing these pages), the grand-daughter of Princess Mary of Teck and King George the V and cousin to Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Alexandra Wedding Gown, Veil and Tiara

Princess Alexandra of Kent married the Hon. Angus Ogilvy on April 24, 1963. Her wedding dress was, as all good royal wedding dresses are, elegantly long sleeved and predominantly lace.

Originally the gown was to have a court train made of the same lace extending from the bride’s shoulders. The veil was to be plain white tulle edged in lace, however, during a fitting, the designer came up with a new idea: to use the court train as the veil. Princess Alexandra agreed, and the train was edged in the Valenciennes lace to complete it’s veil conversion. Finally it was anchored perfectly by the stunning City of London diamond fringe tiara, the same tiara Princess Marina had worn for her wedding.

Princess Alexandra 1963 Wedding

To design her wedding gown, the bride selected John Cavanagh who had a long history with her family – dressing her mum, Princess Marina and creating the wedding gown of Alexandra’s sister-in-law, Katharine, the current Duchess of Kent.

Princess Alexandra of Kent with Princess Anne her bridesmaid

Alexandra wanted her dress to be plain and simple, whilst incorporating the most exquisite lace design, which was actually taken from a piece of her late grandmother, Princess Nicholas of Greece’s veil. The intricate pattern of oak leaves and acorns was layered over white tulle, with the top and sleeves left transparent. More lace was added to edge the neckline and cuffs, and thousands of gold paillettes were embroidered underneath so that the dress shimmered beautifully as the bride moved.

Princess Alexandra 1963 Wedding - Arrival and Departure

Princess Alexandra’s wedding included plenty of ceremony, and was indeed broadcast live on TV and watched by an estimated 200 million people worldwide. The bride left her Kensington Palace home for the Abbey on her wedding day in a Rolls Royce and following the ceremony the newlyweds departed for their wedding breakfast at St. James’ Palace in a horse-drawn carriage.


Princess Alexandra 1963 Wedding

Princess Alexandra of Kent and Angus Ogilvy 1963 Wedding

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