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Style of Party Dresses

No one is going to enjoy an evening if she chooses a party dress that is not flattering. Prom dresses come in a wide variety of styles, so you will want to choose one that works with your figure. Plunging necklines, for example, are beautiful on many women, but if you are self-conscious because your bust is particularly large or small, it may not be the right choice for you.

Party dresses are your chance to shine, thanks to the variety of styles that fit a variety of personalities for an equal variety of occasions! Party dresses work for prom, homecoming, upscale club hopping and, of course, for parties that range from birthday to holiday bashes.

If You Got it, Flaunt it!

One way to go about choosing your perfect party dress is to pick your favorite asset and flaunt it. Short, cocktail dresses let your killer legs take center stage with hemlines that reach as high as mid-thigh. Short and sassy dresses can feature a sheath or other form-fitting silhouette to show off your overall shape.

Strapless cocktail dresses are a must for showing off your toned shoulders, arms and back, while some dresses feature peek-a-boo cutouts for an alluring glimpse of skin. Strapless gowns let your upper body steal the show, especially if you opt for a form-fitting bodice.

Drawing the Eye with a Neckline

Sweetheart necklines on strapless dresses give off a princess-like vibe for party dresses or prom dresses while a V-neck can provide a slimming effect with its plunge. The crumb-catcher neckline features a more modern vibe with two panels of fabric on the bodice connected by a smaller piece in the middle, and the latter often embellished or adorned.

A super-hot asymmetrical neckline is one more way to draws attention up to your shoulder and neck with a modern vibe. One-shouldered gowns and dresses are particularly edgy for the party girl who wants to make a daring statement with an equally daring design.

Drawing Attention to and From

Those who wish to steer attention away from their hips and butt can still choose a short and sweet party dress, simply choose one with a fuller skirt. A very popular cocktail dress silhouette mimics a shorter version of the ball gown, with a fitted top and flouncy skirt, often layered with tons of tulle.


A baby doll dress can have a similar slimming effect for your lower body, but with a waist cut a bit above where it naturally falls. This sweet yet sizzling style is simply awesome for showing off your great arms and legs while giving your tummy a place to hide.

You can even go tad lower with the party dress hemline, with a skirt that hits at about your knee or even lower. A mid-calf ballerina gown can give off a bit more formal vibe than a super-short dress, although it can still be trendy and fun. The longer, fuller skirt can help hide not only your butt and hips but also your thighs.

Got a great waist? Cinch it with a dress that includes a waist sash for extra accentuation of your fabulous figure! Opt for a contrasting sash for an even bigger impact, like a hot pink against white or bold blue, red or green on a print.

Fabulous Fabrics, Patterns and Embellishments

The fabric and pattern you pick for your party dress is another factor that can help you steal the show. Yes those full, swirly, tulle skirts are terrific camouflage for your less-than-perfect lower body, but you can also move draw your admirer”s eyes to other areas with interesting patterns and cuts.

Satin, taffeta, and lace are always in style for a party dress, both for super-trendy and traditional looks. Go for the former with traditional lace placement, such as covering a form-fitting bodice on a cropped ball gown. Celebrities have been particularly hot for lace overlays lately on all types of party dress silhouettes, with either a matching or contrasting fabric beneath.

Perky patterns can jazz up a party dress and are one more way to create your personal statement as you step onto the dance floor. Polka dots are an adorable option for a cute and peppy look while color blocks can create a modern look that is in vogue all over the red carpet. Choose from one or more blocks of color, either with crisp lines defining the hues or a more subtle delineation that creates a fabulous flow of color.

Embellishments can add another layer of pizzazz to the party dress, with beaded necklines and bodices, bows of all sizes, metallic waist and shoulder sashes, and embroidery across the board.
You won”t go wrong with sequins if you’re looking for an attention-getting dress.

Dare to go totally wild with a hot and saucy animal print, another trend that just won’t quit. Leopard print has become a fashion staple, and you can certainly find it gracing the purr-fect party dress!

Colors to Die for

There’s no reason to be shy with your party dress when so many dazzling colors are yours for the taking! Of course, you can always stick with the basic black or darling pastel, but you can also opt for a rainbow of other hues.

Go bold with a red party dress, or pick an equally eye-catching shade, such as a bright royal blue or anything metallic. Metallic dress designs continue to wow on the dance floor with their shimmery shades.

Bold patterns in contrasting hues are another way to make a statement that just won’t quit, particularly if you choose a color that absolutely pops on a black background. Try a unique shade of green or black with shimmery silver or a vivid gold.

So go ahead and let your imagination run wild when it comes time to pick your party dress.

Looking Beautiful in a Party Dress

Remember when making your choice that the key to a fabulous dress is that it makes you look and feel beautiful. The style you choose will be a personal thing, and will depend as much on what you love as on how you look. The vast array of dresses for parties have been created specifically to suit the equally vast array of women, styles, tastes, and looks for which they were designed.

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