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Purity Ball: Frequently Asked Questions

A group of young ladies at the Purity Ball

Daughters Commit to Live Pure Lives at ‘Purity Balls’ – ABC News

ABC white dresses jef 140319 16×9 608 Daughters Commit to Live Pure Lives at Purity Balls

Purity Ball Colorado Springs | Generations of Light Randy Wilson

The Father Daughter Purity Ball is an extravagant event that celebrates the incredibly important father-daughter relationship. The fathers sign a pledge …

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Teenage girls in white gowns carrying a heavy wooden cross.

The Celebration –

Purity Ball

As the fathers are making these vows and promises they present a purity ring (or other item) to …

Debutante balls resurrected by Dubai ex-pats and Arab royalty …

Posing: The debutantes wore their hair in elegant knots and donned white dresses as a

These Father-Daughter Christian Purity Ball Photos Are Really Creepy

purity ball photos

Welcome To The Bizarre And Beautiful World Of Purity Balls

Magnusson reached out to organizers of different Purity Balls in the U.S and over the course of around 5 months contacted a variety of father-daughter …

When the Purity Ball Ends Occupy Your Body!

Last week I got in this letter:


Christian Purity Ball Photos – Even Creepier Than The Balls Themselves

In case you haven’t heard of a Purity Ball here is the gist: Dad escorts his daughter to a dance. Daughter is wearing a white gown that looks disturbingly …

TEAM BLEVINS 4.0: Purity Ball 2013 – Kindergarten Year

… do the Purity Ball every February and I told her that in fact they did…she replied that it was going to be waaaay to long until next February.

Ark La Tex Purity Ball | Ark La Tex Purity Ball

What is the Purity Ball?


Purity Ball dress

Abstinence Dance? Are Purity Balls the Answer to Teen Sex …

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blah blah blog: September 2007 Archives

Two stars of the show- the once Funny Boy always funny man Jonathan Schmock and forever young Katie Walder:

Baby Blue Sweetheart Beading Long Prom Dress

end of year socials dresses debs dress for father daughter purity ball events

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