Simple short wedding dresses


There are couples of reasons why a simple short wedding dress will work perfectly for you wedding. First of all because your wedding is informal and you need something simple, second of all because your wedding will be happening in the summer and you need something pretty but in the same time something that won’t make you feel like in an oven and last but not least, third of all, because it’s cheap. The most important reason, the one that makes everyone to lean over a simple short wedding dress is the price.


If puffy princess wedding dresses cost in thousands, a simple short wedding dress would be much cheaper. While you can do so many things with that much money, why would you buy a crazy expensive dress that you’ll wear once? There’s no reason, that’s why a lot of couples choose an informal affair over sophisticated ones, cheaper and even nicer. They choose to give the payment for a house than to buy expensive wedding clothes that they’ll never wear again!

If you’re getting married on the beach and probably if there’s a beach around you will, a simple short wedding dress will make you feel at home. Think about the summer sun, the sand, the sea, the wind. A puffy dress with a full skirt would look truly funny in the wind, while a short, lightweight wedding dress could be magical. Try to think about yourself, about your body. You wouldn’t like to feel like in an oven. You need to feel comfortable in order to look perfect. In case you’re getting married on the beach, there’ no doubt, a simple short wedding dress is what you need.


You might say: But my body is not made for a simple short wedding dress. This is not a reason at all. There are many lengths so choose the one that fits you best, you can go for mini, tea length, above the knees and under the knees. While the upper part can look however you want: backless, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, strapless, you decide. The point is that you have plenty of options that will fit your body type. Try many dresses and choose the one that stands out on you. Don’t forget that if you wear a simple short wedding dress you still need to look like a bride. Don’t forget about accessories. Some nice earrings, a simple necklace, flowers in your hair or a beautiful head piece can make you feel like a little princess. As for the flower bouquet, go for something simple. Some nice tulips decorated with a ribbon will do fine.

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