1950 s wedding dresses

There is nothing I don’t love about Marina & Andy’s 1950s inspired nuptials – the bride’s long sleeved and tea length dress, the hand made brooch bouquets, the multi coloured bridesmaids dresses with fur coats, the huge sign of love at the reception and the fabulous photographs from NZ based photographic heroes Bayly & Moore….. the whole shebang is retro vintage perfection!

1950-s-wedding-dresses 1950 s wedding dresses

Marina & Andy had their chic vintage wedding at the Russian House in the gorgeous suburb of Fitzroy, Melbourne, followed by a fabulous reception at the Fitzroy Town Hall,  which everyone was able to walk the few blocks to. Marina’s inspiration for the theme and decor for the day was the kind offer of her grandmother to lend her her vintage diamond necklace. The beautiful personal gesture got Marina thinking about the elegance of the 1950?s and of her grandparents on their wedding day – the enduring makeup, dress silhouettes and hair styles. “I guess the timeless style of mid century fashion reassured me that in 50 years time we would still love the pictures.”

1950-s-wedding-dresses-2 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-3 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-4 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-5 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-6 1950 s wedding dresses

Aren’t they just the most incredible photos of a refreshingly unique and perfectly styled wedding? For me it strikes the right balance of a theme, without being fancy dress and by including so many personal and DIY details, Marina and Andy have kept the wedding intimate…… exclusive…… about them – not over stylised. 

1950-s-wedding-dresses-7 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-8 1950 s wedding dresses

 1950-s-wedding-dresses-9 1950 s wedding dresses

 A combination of some fantastically talented photographers, clearly putting everyone at ease, and a couple full of confidence and happiness, has created some memorable shots!


1950-s-wedding-dresses-10 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-11 1950 s wedding dresses

What fab colours – dress, shoes, hats and bouquets all mix and match. Oh and do I have to say how lush the fur coats, shrugs and wraps are?? Incredibly the brooch bouquets were a last minute DIY project, created from brooches collected by the grooms parents in the UK. Marina found the DIY projects both a stress diffuser and a great way to involve guests “They’re a great way to involve family members who want to play a role or help out. It’s amazing how weddings can bring families together both on and before the wedding day. It makes the experience all the more richer and memorable for everyone.”

1950-s-wedding-dresses-12 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-13 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-14 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-15 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-16 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-17 1950 s wedding dresses

1950-s-wedding-dresses-18 1950 s wedding dresses

Can you believe Marina and Andy did most of the venue decoration, on the day, themselves?! With a little help from their family and friends.

Bayly & Moore, photographers extraordinaire said “Who would’ve thought a molecular biologist could have so much creativity! We just loved photographing every minute of Marina and Andy’s wedding. They were the sweetest couple who were so relaxed and just seemed to be able to fully embrace the day, the people around them and each other. All their details were just beautiful and original! Marina & Andy moved to New York City soon after their wedding around the same time that we were traveling there so we met up with them, had coffee and tacos did a sweet ‘happily ever after’ shoot around Brooklyn and NYC and ended the day with delicious Korean food in Times Square.”

I love that Marina and Andy and Simon and Sophia from Bayly & Moore got on so well that they met up after the wedding! Marina said of her wedding photographers “They were amazing and have created such special memories for us and were so fun to work with on the day and in the lead up. We were very lucky to have found them.”

Photographers – Bayly & Moore

Wedding dress – Kristie Coakley from House of Snowball

Venue – Fitzroy Town Hall and Russian House 

Makeup – Candice Deville