Best maxi dress

best-maxi-dress Best maxi dress
Images: Angelina Jolie in Rachel Pally, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton in Gypsy 05,  Lo Bosworth in Gypsy 05

Finding the right Maxi Dress is equivalent to discovering a fashion nirvana. Breezy and versatile, it is a go-to essential to slide into for any occasion: run errands, go to the beach, and take an evening stroll.   In this guide we pulled together the best maxi dresses in various styles & colors: t-shirt dresses, patterned dresses, colorful eye candy, and neutrals.

Celebrity Loved Brands – Many celebrities including Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, and Nicole Ritchie are big devotees of long dresses.  Some of the more popular brands among celebrities are Gypsy 05 maxi dresses (Eva Longoria, Alessandra Ambrosio), LinQ (Eva Longoria), Rachel Pally (Angelina Jolie), and Winter Kate (Nicole Ritchie).

You can find them below.  Also, an impressive selection of celebrity loved long dresses can be found here.

LinQ Selene Dress -$164
best-maxi-dress-2 Best maxi dress
Gypsy 05 Organic Dress – $110
best-maxi-dress-3 Best maxi dress

Rachel Pally Caftan
– $248
best-maxi-dress-4 Best maxi dress

Winter Kate Caftan Maxi Dress – $265
best-maxi-dress-5 Best maxi dress

T-Shirt Maxi Dress: T-shirt maxi dresses put a modern spin on a traditional maxi dress.  These versatile dresses, will keep you cool and stylish in the summer.  They are made from stylish jersey or cotton and have a sexy twist, either a race track back or a side slit.

Splendid T Shirt Long Dressbest-maxi-dress-6 Best maxi dress -$102
best-maxi-dress-7 Best maxi dress
Splendid – T-Shirt Maxi Dress -$109
best-maxi-dress-8 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-9 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-10 Best maxi dress
T by Alexander Wang Tank Dress with Side Slit – $108
best-maxi-dress-11 Best maxi dress
best-maxi-dress-12 Best maxi dress

Black Long Dress – when looking for a classy, versatile and slimming option, nothing beats a black maxi dress. We love Veronica M Halter Dress for its eye catching halter top.   The second dress by T Los Angeles has a sexy v neck and is a great option when looking to show  a little cleavage.

Hurley Maxi Dressbest-maxi-dress-13 Best maxi dress -$29best-maxi-dress-14 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-15 Best maxi dress
best-maxi-dress-15 Best maxi dress
Veronica M Halter Maxi Dressbest-maxi-dress-16 Best maxi dress -$96
best-maxi-dress-17 Best maxi dress
T Los Angeles Jersey  V-Neck Maxi Dressbest-maxi-dress-18 Best maxi dress -$124
best-maxi-dress-19 Best maxi dress

best-maxi-dress-20 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-18 Best maxi dressColor Burst: Bright hued maxi dress is like a summer eye candy.   It uplifts your mood and as soon as you put it on and refreshes your look. Now tan or bronze your skin and get grooving. 

The first dress, is so fabulously boho chic we can hear the gold bangles dangling as you walk.   This dress is eye catching, and the halter top drapes over the waist and is forgiving of imperfections and figure flattering.

The linQ dress brightens your look with a delicious berry color, has a chic halter top, and seductively drapes body curves.

Yogi Keyhole Maxi -$68
best-maxi-dress-21 Best maxi dress
best-maxi-dress-22 Best maxi dress

Applique Dressbest-maxi-dress-23 Best maxi dress -$128best-maxi-dress-24 Best maxi dress
best-maxi-dress-25 Best maxi dress
best-maxi-dress-26 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-27 Best maxi dresslinQ Selene Halter Dressbest-maxi-dress-24 Best maxi dress -$148
best-maxi-dress-28 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-29 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-16 Best maxi dress

Neutrals & Greys – a long neutral dress is a great option for a classy summer look.   The light hues will blend in with summer colors and are a perfect foundation for embellished sandals and multi bangles.  Neutrals and beiges look so pretty against a sun kissed skin.

best-maxi-dress-30 Best maxi dress Elan International Long Maxi Dressbest-maxi-dress-31 Best maxi dress -$55
best-maxi-dress-32 Best maxi dress

Yogi Tie Waist Maxibest-maxi-dress-33 Best maxi dress -$65
best-maxi-dress-34 Best maxi dressbest-maxi-dress-33 Best maxi dress

Rachel Pally Beach Dress
-$180best-maxi-dress-35 Best maxi dress

Pattern Maxi Dress:best-maxi-dress-36 Best maxi dress Nothing turns heads better than a chic dress pattern.   Whether you decide on stripes, waves, or geometrical pattern you will add interest to your look with a pattern maxi dress.

T-Los Angeles V-neck  Dressbest-maxi-dress-37 Best maxi dress -$158
best-maxi-dress-38 Best maxi dress best-maxi-dress-39 Best maxi dress
Wrap-Top Dressbest-maxi-dress-40 Best maxi dress – $188 best-maxi-dress-41 Best maxi dress
BCBGMAXAZRIA Chevron Stripe Dressbest-maxi-dress-26 Best maxi dress – $178
best-maxi-dress-42 Best maxi dress

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