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Looking for something special to help you on your wedding day? There is nothing better than a royal dress if you are one of those who seek much elegance and a unique, sophisticated appearance. A royal wedding dress doesn’t refer to a certain line of bridals. The term was originally used in the old ages; especially in Britain, to express an extra luxurious dress. And after that, the term was used by famous designers to indicate special models of their wedding dresses released every season. Some fashion brands, particularly those specialized in bridal dresses, produce royal dresses as a separate line within their collections. Takami Bridal is one of the brands featuring a royal line for every bride who wants a magical look. The dresses designed by Takami Bridal are made of fine silk, satin, organza and chiffon. The fabrics are used for almost all dresses, in certain harmony, to form a different part in every dress, and hence ensure a change in the style through the diversity of fabrics.

The royal collection we are introducing in this topic is characterized by the heavy satin fabrics that are used in different colors as a base for the taffeta embroidery and chiffon details. Satin appeared clear as a base in all ball styled dresses, while a mermaid dress was all made of satin with taffeta handmade embroidery and a beautiful chiffon tail. The other ball gowns came in the strapless neckline style with much embroidery and a short tailed flowing skirt. The style of Queen Victoria’s wedding dress is the dominating one known for all royal dresses, and for Takami Bridal, this model was still the brand’s dream introduced for all women in 2012. The other dresses, which haven’t been made of satin, came in different layers of tulle, chiffon and sometimes organza for the tail or the outer detailing layer. They looked fantastic and suitable also for all body shapes as the big ball hides the fatty body. The taffeta embroidery didn’t show on the chiffon gowns as much as showing on the whole length of the satin ones. However, they looked beautiful with less embroidery and simple ruffled details.

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