Celebrity dresses

Here we are talking about celebrity dresses. Celebrity bring with them new fashion trends and no doubt that celebrity dresses are charming and really portray class. If we look around the world mostly women follow the same dress patterns in their dressing which celebrity wears. Celebrities bring with them new fashion which women mostly like and want to wear same dressing.

Few women have not only hobby even make a preoccupation to following the latest celebrity fashion style. When we are talking about celebrities its means that they have million fans around the world and they really want to know and watch everything about their life. Celebrities mostly like to wear these dresses those buzzing in the fans mind. And I think it is the best part of being a celebrity is that they get to wear mostly designer clothes, and their fans copied them. And they stay up to date regarding their fashion sense for their fans, because they know that they are trendsetters for millions of people of any age even in culture. They are regularly in people eye. Even those people who really love to wear celebrity dresses they buy on cheap prices even these are not originals but look same like that. Even designer clothes like BCBG & MaxAzria dress can be bought at fewer prices.

However, since celebrity clothes are most visible thing about them, they spend an affluence to look good at Red-carpet events.  When we see that mostly fashion is concerned women have it much better than men. When there is Red-Carpet event. The spot light is always on the women as compare to men. And celebrities have far wider choices in clothes as compare to men. When stars like Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes, and Luci Lui wear designer clothes they are showcasing the designer label as much as their own style statement.  And Designers also make sure that they create a best design for these stars for the Red-Carpet.

Now if we see the dress styles of celebrities than deep necklines dresses and gowns is much in frenzy this year. Mostly prefer these dresses and love to unembellished them at events. Even on the Red-Carpet bare body is good for showing style. Deep neckline dresses are really gorgeous. So this style is not for all but only for those who can carry them with confidence as it main request in wearing them. So I think Deep neckline dresses are one of the best choices of this year and gowns as well.

So if you have a wish to wear celebrity dresses and like their dresses style, than they will make you look like a celebrity as well. So dressing like a celebrity is just change your personality a lot and give you a beautiful feelings like that you are no less than a celebrity. Here is Top Ten celebrity and their dresses that makes presence noticeable and are favorite of this year’s Red-Carpet events.


Kate Hudson:

celebrity-dresses Celebrity dresses

Kate Hudson is a gorgeous American actress. She has a perfect dressing on red carpet. So when she stepped onto the red carpet, she just took our breath away at the GG. She wears a dramatic Alexander McQueen gown. She mostly wears beautiful attractive dresses which mostly attract people. So if only she’d worn her tresses in an up do so we could have seen more of that exquisite collar.  And she also wears gorgeous dressing in casual routines.

Charliez Theron:

celebrity-dresses-2 Celebrity dresses

 Charliez is one of the best Hollywood dressed startlets.Charliez always looks flawless on the red-carpet. If we see on the red-carpet at the Oscars is this Dior darling’s domain, she went old Hollywood glam when she picked up her Oscar for Monster in a gold sequined, backless Tom Ford for Gucci showstopper. She wear different flawless dresses on different event, on the 2013 ceremony she wear strapless white Colum frock. All by Christian Dior’’ Charlie’s is really adventures.

Jessica Chastain:

celebrity-dresses-3 Celebrity dresses

We can say that Jessica’s style is simple, classic and elegant. We can say that the girl has serious fashion clout, and with award season in full swing. We have even got more fabulous dresses to look forward to. She wears on every event simple, classy and flawless dress which attracts others. Even on the Oscar 2013 she chooses a beautiful beaded strapless style by Armani Prive’.

Amanda Seyfried:

celebrity-dresses-4 Celebrity dresses

Nowadays she’s a fully-fleged leading lady with a designer dress code to boot, we have seen her in labels from Balenciaga and Prada to Alexander McQueen and Nina Ricci, so it can surely only be a matter of time before she’s snapped up to star in a high fashion campaign. She wears gorgeous, stunning dresses, and on the Oscar award 2013 she wear lilac organza gown.

Jennifer Lawrence:

celebrity-dresses-5 Celebrity dresses

Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of Dior’s handbag range, so all eyes on her style as well. She truly won our hearts when she gave victories Beckham a red carpet outing. On every red carpet she proves herself with beautiful dresses. When she wear a flawless gown, the star had a real princess moment on the red carpet.

Jennifer Aniston:

celebrity-dresses-6 Celebrity dresses

Jennifer’s style is hardly ground-breaking, as she is archetypal, glossy and so anticipated. She has a clear red carpet formula as she sticks to black floorsweeprs, plunging necklines, minis, tuxedos and nude valentine. She is fan of black leather mini, as she wore a Christina Dior dress to the 2013 people’s choice Awards. She is a loyal fan of valentine.

Anne Hathaway:

celebrity-dresses-7 Celebrity dresses

Anne Hathaway is a best supporting actress Oscar winner also opted for a pale look in this Colum style Parade dress. She wears beautiful dress on Oscar award as well. It’s just look awesome in every dress.

Miranda Kerr:

celebrity-dresses-8 Celebrity dresses

 Miranda Kerr is a super model that every girl dreams being with. Marianda’s personal style is just as smoothly beautiful as she is, the model opts for understand yet chic outfits while trotting, and she wear elegant shift dress form the likes of victoria Beckham and Erden. Whatever wearing a slinky or a leg-flashing mini, Miranda’s off duty-cool can’t be matched.

Amy Adams:

celebrity-dresses-9 Celebrity dresses

Amy Adams always manages to look delicately beautiful on the red carpet without repairing the same looks over and over. On the Oscar Award she wear gorgeous blue cloud de la renta gown.

Naomi Watts:

celebrity-dresses-10 Celebrity dresses

 Naomi is best actress and she was also nominated for the best actress Oscar for her role in the impossible. On her dresses she taking a bit risks with the directional design, unlikely many other stare that played it safe. On the Oskar award she wear full on silver sparkly silver. And her dresses show her different from other starts and people must also like her dressing as well.