Charcoal bridesmaid dresses


Grey bridesmaid dresses, regardless of the shade, come in a wide variety of styles. Dresses can be selected based on the ceremony venue, the season, body type, fabric preference, price point, etc. With so many grey bridesmaid dresses to choose from, the first step is selecting the shade of grey.

Starting from the lightest shade along the grey color spectrum, light grey bridesmaid dresses would look beautiful for a winter wedding. Using a chiffon fabric, your bridesmaids would appear to float down the aisle wearing grey chiffon bridesmaid dressesLong grey bridesmaids’ dresses would certainly fit the colder season, and would be a great choice for a more formal wedding.

Silver grey bridesmaids dresses would be your next choice on the color spectrum for grey bridesmaids dresses. The grey is slightly darker than light grey and would be your second color needed if you were aiming for the ombre effect. This color would look beautiful accentuated with silver wedding accents, should you want to create an event color palette that seamlessly interweaves the colors from the reception linens and decorative accessories to the bridal party fashions.

Dark grey bridesmaids’ dresses come next for the ombre look when it comes to following the grey scale.  If this shade is your choice for all of your bridal attendants’ dresses, the hue looks beautiful partnered with black accessories and would be complementary to the black tuxes worn by the groomsmen.

Slate grey, light then dark, come next on the color spectrum. You typically don’t see the lighter slate grey used as often as the more popular dark slate grey. Slate grey bridesmaid dresses, like the other shades of grey, are versatile and look stunning partnered with a bride’s off-white or ivory wedding gown. Slate grey bridesmaids dresses are often referred to as charcoal grey bridesmaid dresses, because the color slate is reminiscent of charcoal.

After the color options on the initial grey color scale, grey bridesmaids dresses can be selected in hues that are metal inspired. Pewter, steel and gunmetal are three popular metal inspired hues. Pewter bridesmaids dresses are a dull, dark grey color while steel bridesmaid dresses and gunmetal bridesmaids dresses are grey with a slight tint of purple and then slight tint of blue, respectively.

Metallic Grey Bridesmaid dresses have an unparalleled sparkly luster compared to other grey hues. The color can make a bold statement and should be reserved for brides planning a glamorous soiree. Fabric choices have to be highly considered when it comes to this grey, because if it’s not a quality fabric choice the dress can end up looking cheap and unsophisticated.

With so many shades to choose from, it’s no wonder that bridesmaid dresses in grey are popular choices for weddings worldwide. Keeping up with wedding trends, has a complementary combination of two hues making a statement at the alter. Grey and yellow bridesmaids dresses, along with grey and pink bridesmaids dresses are increasingly popular color duos for wedding event color palettes. Yellow color options include pale yellow or canary yellow, and mustard yellow. Pink color options include pale pink,

Whether floor-length, tea-length or cocktail length, grey bridesmaid dresses, in any shade, look stunning. Should you choose bridesmaid dresses in grey, give your attendants the choice of style. Allowing them to choose the style of their grey bridesmaid dresses will enable them to showcase their individual personalities. Additionally, bridesmaids with certain body woes can choose styles that will camouflage trouble spots. On a day when all eyes will be on the happy couple and their supportive entourage, attendants should feel confident in what they’re wearing. Giving them the freedom to choose a style, will give them just that.

Styles of grey bridesmaid dresses range from the classic, satin strapless A-line to the romantic, chiffon sweetheart strapless dress. Spaghetti straps are not an incredibly popular option, as it’s been replaced with more modern necklines like the one-shoulder or the halter. Dresses can be embellished with frills, fabric rosettes, lace or rhinestones. Shoe options to complete a grey bridesmaid dress look include the traditional black heel, a beautiful nude or a dye-able shoe that perfectly matches the shade of grey chosen for the dress.


Different ceremony venues can affect the bridesmaid dresses in grey that you choose. You wouldn’t want to select a voluminous, grey bridesmaid dress for a beach wedding; instead, you would want to select a cocktail dress length. Tea-length grey bridesmaid dresses would look beautiful for a garden wedding and a satin, floor-length grey silver bridesmaid dress would be an appropriate choice for a formal wedding.

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