Cocktail dresses south africa

Tips On Wearing Cocktail Dresses In South Africa

What are cocktail dresses?

cocktail-dresses-south-africa Cocktail dresses south africa

Cocktail Dresses


Cocktail dresses are unique outfits which are different from casual or outfits that you would buy for a night out.  If you choose a short cocktail dress ensure that it is matched with a stylish haircut, tasteful accessories and shiny makeup, applied in moderation.

There are a few unspoken rules which differentiate this type of outfit from other outfits. First of all, the cocktail dress should usually be in neutral colours, such as black, white, gray, beige or blue, but can be embellished with a touch of shimmer of silver or gold. The cut of the cocktail dress is generally classical, with asymmetric outfits or those accessioned with sequence or pearls being generally not recommended.

The purse you choose for your cocktail party should be small, of good quality and necessarily assorted with the shoes. Jewelry for such events should generally be made of precious metals or imitations. They can be solid as long as their manufacturing is impeccable. Say “no” to fancy accessories that are exclusively reserved for leisure.

Makeup is the star of the outfit because it must stand out perfectly. Use discrete pastel colours to highlight your facial features. Your makeup should not be the same colour as your cocktail dress. In terms of hair styling, buns, curls or straightened hair types are usually recommended. Regardless of your choice of hair style, your hair should look neat and shiny.

When you are attending a cocktail event details matter a lot as this is the time when you will likely meet new people who will form a first impression of you. A first impression always counts, so it should be a positive one.
If you are undecided about what cocktail dress you should wear to your event, here are some useful tips to help you make the decision easier:

  • Choose a cocktail dress that is chic and elegant. The cocktail dress that you choose should be at the level of or a few inches above the knee. Opt for a more casual cocktail dress which allows you to move comfortably in the dress. Low cut or transparent dresses should be avoided, unless the event allows for such a dress. Choose the cocktail dress that is sexy, sophisticated and appealing all at the same time.


  • Accessorize your cocktail dress. Choose jewelry that will highlight your dress. One or two pieces will usually be sufficient. If you choose the right accessories for your dress, you will add to the elegance of your dress.


  • Wear Heals.  Choosing the right pair of heels will add to the overall look of your cocktail dress. Try opt for a pair of comfortable heals. Cocktail parties can last a long time, and it is best to avoid having to go home with sore feet. If you cannot walk in very high heels, try a pair with a lower heel. If you choose a sandal, select a pair that have some sparkle.


  • Pay attention to detail. Details such as your hair, nails and makeup are very important to the overall effect of your cocktail dress. Make sure your hair looks elegant and stylish. Have a manicure and pedicure so your nails look well groomed. Choose makeup that is simple and compliments your outfit.

These are just a few simple tips that will make you look amazing at a cocktail party. Always keep in mind that the ideal cocktail dress will make you stand out from the crowd.

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