Different wedding dresses

different-wedding-dresses Different wedding dresses

Choosing the right color for a wedding dress, however, can be just as challenging as choosing any colors for the wedding palette. Brides who want to go bold with color should consider:

  • Seasons: Many brides who are choosing colored gowns do so according to season. Spring brides are choosing pale pinks, lilacs, and blues, while those who are marrying in the summer choose deeper shades of these same colors. Brides planning fall weddings are choosing yellows, golds, and even shades of orange. It”s the winter bride who is making the boldest statement, however. Deep reds and blues and even holiday or metallic hues are making their way down the aisle.
  • Pastels: For the bride who wants color but doesn”t want to be so obvious about it, faint colors are the way to go. Light blue or pale pink wedding dresses add color but don”t go overboard. Consider a pale shade if you”re not interested in making too bold a statement but still want a unique color for your dress.
  • Theme: A themed wedding has a lot of options for fantastic color choices. A colored beach wedding dress, for example, can be a rich sandy taupe, a crystalline blue or sea green, or even a tropical magenta. A holiday bride might consider Christmas wedding gowns in an emerald green or ruby red, while an autumn bride might choose a rich fall color for her gown and coordinate her bridal party dresses in a rainbow of fall colors to match the colored leaves that nature uses to decorate.
  • Shades of color: Consider a dress that cascades into different shades of a favorite color; this can be more visually interesting than a single solid color, without being as bold as a print.
  • Prints: It can be difficult to find a formal gown with a colored print, but a casual wedding dress can be a lovely floral print sundress or cocktail dress perfect for a garden wedding, beach wedding, or modest affair. The print can also be used for a sash in or shawl for the bridesmaid or flower girl”s dress as well.
    different-wedding-dresses_2 Different wedding dresses

For a truly unique idea, consider doing a complete reversal of color with the bridesmaids. For example, the bride can wear a fully colored gown and have her maids dressed in white, off-white or ivory. This unique twist will create a dramatic look for the bridal party.

A Hue for Every Bride

Colored wedding dresses don”t need to be shocking. A colored sash or bow or colored edging can still add color while keeping the “traditional” feel of the wedding dress. Don”t be afraid to go for bolder colors and fully colored gowns, however, if you”re so inclined. Perhaps one day it might be bucking tradition to wear a white wedding gown.