Donna morgan bridesmaid dresses

By day you can find me blogging about wedding after gorgeous wedding, but in my free time I consider myself the unofficial President of the Donna Morgan fan club – and it has everything to do with those dresses. They are bridesmaid dresses that I would wear in a millisecond and I just know the leading ladies in my life would too. Hence why Donna Morgan will forever be on my recommendations list. The Morgan Dress has long been a favorite, and now there is a new beauty based on this popular design, the Blaire Dress, and it has one very awesome feature setting it above the pack. It’s convertible!
donna-morgan-bridesmaid-dresses Donna morgan bridesmaid dresses
When one dress can be worn a multitude of ways – that is pure magic. The kind that allows your best friends to put their own stylish spin on their attire. The kind that allows a dress to be worn time and again, always with a fresh, new twist and the kind that Donna Morgan has completely perfected with their new Blaire Dress. Not only is it an adorable name for an equally adorable dress, but it’s a style that can be worn by all shapes and sizes. Weddings are all about finding your own unique style after all, so why not let your girls do it too?

Now lets cozy up to the details of this All Star. The Blair Dress comes fitted with a traditional corset found on Donna Morgan’s best-selling gowns. Add to that four panels that allow for eight different ways of styling and fifteen pretty, pretty colors to choose from, and we have a dress that can fit right into everything from a rustic outdoor affair to a high glamour city fete too. In other words, it’s a versatile dream and quite possibly my favorite style to date.

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