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How about a real treat for you ladies (sorry gents) this lazy Wednesday morning, today we bring you the new Monique LHuillier collection for 2014, the wedding dresses hot off the catwalk in New York. A major trendsetter for wedding dresses worldwide, Monique LHuillier is reknowned for her ultra-feminine styles, subtle and chic, these are dresses that complement the lady wearing them – the bride wears the dress, rather than the dress wearing the bride! For the 2014 season Monique LHuillier made a huge effort to cater to all kinds of bridal style, from city chic and short, to fairytale princess so there’s something for every kind of lady…

fashion-dress Fashion dress

fashion-dress-2 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-3 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-4 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-5 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-6 Fashion dress

Perfect for classy city wedding, older brides or a winter wedding look, we’re loving these chic two piece bridal ensembles that started off the Monique LHuillier 2014 bridal collection on a short and sleek note. It’s not a look you see too often on the bridal catwalks and a welcome addition to the designer catalogues, as they catch up with the fact that not all brides are looking for long, lovely and uber-pretty.

fashion-dress-7 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-8 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-9 Fashion dress

Moving into more pretty party mode, the shorter 2014 Monique LHuillier wedding dresses became more frothy and flirty, with lashings of light french lace and asymmetrical embellishments…

fashion-dress-10 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-11 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-12 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-13 Fashion dress

A light cape adds a little drama to the ultimate in sleek chic silk…

fashion-dress-14 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-15 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-16 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-17 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-18 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-19 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-20 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-21 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-22 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-23 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-24 Fashion dress

Strapless is certainly set to be the bodice style of the 2014 wedding season, with more than half the collection devoted to this cut, accompanied in each dress with an ornately embellished skirt.

fashion-dress-25 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-26 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-27 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-28 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-29 Fashion dress

fashion-dress-30 Fashion dress

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