Flowy wedding dresses

In general, these casual flowy beach wedding dresses are relatively more affordable than other types of elegant, formal and dramatic wedding gowns with lavish ball gown skirts and embellished bodices. In case you fancy one of those antique styles described above you can opt for a chic retro vintage ’60 or ’70s inspired flowy beach wedding dress.

flowy-wedding-dresses Flowy wedding dresses

These dresses are made from light weight woolly materials such as silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, damask, illusion net, batiste, crepe, rayon or gauze. In case you are looking for an ultra-modern flowy beach hippie wedding dress you should look for those made form fabrics like flax linen, organic cotton, ramie cotton, bamboo or wool.

One can wear a hippie flowy cotton beach wedding dress on a country side style wedding affair too. The length of such dress can end right below the knees, anywhere between the knees and the ankles.

Choose an empire waist hippie flowy beach wedding dress with a square neckline or perhaps a V-line hippie flowy beach wedding dress with a dropped waist bodice for a more graceful, whimsical, feminine and delicate romantic look. If you wish to wear a flowy beach wedding dress choose from puffed, off the shoulders, balloon or medieval types of sleeves for a more thematic look.11

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