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Prom Dresses 2013

For many people, prom only happens
once in a lifetime. This event is one of the most important moments for a high school student or teenager.
Thus, it pays to really take the time to consider the dress you wear to this event. If you take the time
to really consider the prom dresses that are out there and which is right for your body and tastes, then
you can be sure to feel as good as you look. And of course, if you choose the right prom dress, the photographs
from this event will be made that much more enjoyable to look at years later. If you put some real thought
into your dress, you are sure to be noticed not only by your date but by everyone else at the prom!

Overall Shape or Style of the Dress

The first thing anyone will notice is the shape
of your prom dress. The options are really endless when it comes to this component of your dress. There
are form-fitting numbers with or without slits, and there are princess-like gowns that have full skirts
and embroidered bodices. Know which areas of your body you want to show off and which you could do without
people noticing. If you like your legs a lot, you may want to go with a shorter number, and if you like
your back, you may want to go with a slinky number that has a low back. Additionally, if you know that
you can not stand your butt or thighs, you can choose an A-shape dress or full skirt can hide these things
and draw attention to your upper-half of your body.

The Color or Pattern of the

Next, you really need to think about the color of the dress. Do you want
to go with a classic black dress, or do you want something brighter in color? Think about which colors
look best on you and if you can bring out some of your features. For example, if you have electric blue
eyes, a blue dress can make your eyes pop that much more. If you are a redhead, green can really complement
your hair. Similarly, if you are extremely pale, you may want to stay away from ivory colors, and if
you have dark skin, you may want to go with a vibrant pink or purple since these colors will look best
next to darker skin tones. If you go with a pattern, think about how it will affect the shape of a dress
and which areas it will highlight. Stripes may not be the best choice if you are trying to look slimmer,
but polka dots could be nicer for fuller figures.


you really need to think about the materials of your dress. For example, if you hold up wool and silk
side by side, you would first see that wool is thicker and more textured than the slick appearance and
feel of silk. You can go with an embroidered all natural fabric like cotton, or you can invest in a dress
that includes a lot of heavy beading and man-made fabrics. Lastly, if you know you plan on dancing the
night away, you may want to think about wearing fabrics that are lighter. After all, sweating in heavy
fabrics is not only uncomfortable but can result in some unflattering stains!

and Straps

The sleeves and straps of a dress determine not only how a dress looks
but how it will stay on your body and fit you. The type of sleeves and straps also affect the amount
of skin you show. If you are self-conscious about your arms, you may want to go with long- or short-sleeves.
If you want to show off your arms and show some of your upper chest and even your back, a strapless look
might be best.

The straps of a dress are imperative to any prom dress. After all,
this is what keeps your dress in place and gives the dress an important piece of its look. There are
strapless looks, heart-shaped and halter-top looks. Remember that the straps on your dress will also
affect your neckline: consider how much cleavage you really want to show. Remember that you want this
dress to stay in place. If you have a large bust, heavy-duty straps are probably a brighter idea than
a strapless look.


The length of a dress will affect
everything from the shape or look of a dress to how you move around a dance floor or even through the
venue. If you are wearing a form-fitting gown that is quite long, it may make dancing and even weaving
through crowds more difficult. This could be even trickier if your dress has a train on it. When you
try on your dress, try walking around and doing things like sitting down or dancing. Doing such things
will help you figure out whether or not a dress is right for you.

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