Gothic dresses

Some women prefer the look of the Medieval ages as they search for a gothic themed dress. While some Medieval dresses are in white, you can incorporate a gothic pattern by choosing darker colors, while still enjoying the rich materials and trims that are often featured in Medieval dresses.

Gypsy Styles

Gypsy dresses take their cues from the puff-sleeves and ruffled necklines of Medieval and Celtic styles. Gypsy dresses can be adapted to a gothic theme. Plunging necklines and tightly cinched bodices, along with the dark, rich colors of cotton and brocade fabrics, make lovely gothic dresses. This style just might be what you are looking for!

Designing Your Gothic Wedding Dress

Before you can find the perfect gothic wedding dress, you”ll need to decide just what features you prefer. Do you want the dark, underworld look of vampires and witches, or would you prefer a more Celtic take on gothic, with rich fabrics and a variety of deep colors? Do you like long, flowing skirts, or would you prefer to show some leg in lace or webbed black hose and a skin-tight black or red dress? Do you want a Victorian neckline or a plunging bodice?

gothic-dresses Gothic dresses

  • Visit your local library to check out books on gothic costumes, Medieval styles, and Celtic attire.
  • Check out various Internet sites for more ideas on colors and styles.
  • Visit local clothing stores that feature gothic and period clothing.
  • Stop by a fabric store, and take a look at the pattern books. Most fabric stores have a wide variety of dress patterns, and if you are going to have a seamstress make your wedding dress, you”ll need to pick out a pattern, or even two.

Where to Purchase a Gothic Wedding Dress

Let”s face it. There just aren”t too many gothic wedding dress stores around, right? Don”t think that you have to settle, however. If you want a gothic wedding dress, you can have one!

Order Online

You should be able to find several online gothic stores, but be careful and use caution before you buy. Check out their return policy. Be sure and read the small print concerning guarantees and shipping charges. Keep in mind that you may have to pay someone local to do a few alterations once you receive the dress. Add that possible expense to your budget.

Sew It Yourself

Are you an accomplished seamstress? If so, who better to sew your dress than you? If you aren”t completely confident in your sewing skills, however, you may want to rethink this idea. Fabrics are expensive, and if you make a mistake, you may have to buy more material, which means an additional expense to your budget.

Hire a Seamstress

One of the best ideas is to commission your gothic wedding dress to be done by a reputable seamstress. You should find someone whom you can work closely with. You should plan on meeting several times during the construction of your dress. Changes in measurements, fit, and style can be handled easily if your seamstress lives nearby.

Gothic Wedding Dress Websites

Finally, check out some of the following Websites, and see if anything looks interesting!

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