Gothic prom dress

Trade the sweet pink for spicy punk with our collection of gothic and punk rock prom dresses and gowns. This heavy duty collection of prom dresses ensures you’ll burst you way into the dance with some heavy duty style!

There’s no reason to give up your edgy sense of fashion for a formal event. You can instead bring edgy along for the ride, complete with your favorite dramatic makeup scheme and wild-as-get-out hairstyle. In fact, you may look kind of silly with babies’ breath and a bun on your head if you opt for one of these hard-hitting prom gowns.

Black is the New Black

If you’re sick of so-called fashionistas telling you beige is the new black or white is the new black or even chartreuse is the new black, you’re in luck. We know basic black never goes out of style, and our Gothic and punk rock prom dresses are anything but basic!

These midnight black dresses include short prom gowns in body-hugging, baby doll and other styles; and longer gowns, with or without contrasting accents. All of our Gothic and punk rock prom gowns can make a huge impact, especially when combined with your no-nonsense attitude.

Prom dress designer Clarisse hits the all-black scene with a vengeance, offering two hard-hitting, all-black cocktail dresses. The first is a body-hugging sheath with an embellished sweetheart neckline and hem that hits mid-thigh.

If you think that’s cool, just wait until you hear about the fine details. The stretch satin sheath moves when you do and includes a killer bow on the side for dramatic impact. The prom gown comes in fuchsia, just in case you want to mix up your wardrobe hues a bit.

You can also make an impact in the Clarisse tulip-neckline dress. This one features a waist-cinching black sash a full skirt outfitted with a cool set of pockets. It’s the only little black you’ll ever need, easily making the transition from prom to club hopping, from formal ball to birthday bash.

Let’s be serious, though. You’ll need a few other black dresses. After all, black is always the new black.

Kicking Contrast

Another option in our Gothic and punk rock prom gown lineup is to go black with kicking contrast. Choices include black with white, black with sizzling fuchsia and black with light pink to throw in just a little bit of sweetness. Nice!

Let’s start with the sizzler. Clarisse blasts the furnace on the prom dress scene with the short black cocktail dress contrasted with wild fuchsia zigzags. Throw in a fun, full skirt, a trendy drop waist and reversible sequined bodice. For real. You can wear the top of the dress on either the black or silver side.

Black and white contrasting takes center stage in the Clarisse body-hugging cocktail dress. One of the highlights of this fabulous number is the shaunting fabric, which is a durable and shiny silk. The shaunting fabric helps the dress keeps its shape and makes sure the contrasting lies just right from your waist down to the hem.

Clarisse deliciously pairs black with white once again in the lace-trim cocktail dress. The tiered skirt features two layers of white-edged lace, with another edge bordering the strapless neckline.

Punk in Pink

You don’t have to give up sweet pink altogether to make an edgy statement. Simply mix the bubblegum color with black! Clarisse does it with two short cocktail dresses that let you keep the tough while you add a smidgeon of girly.

The unique two-piece prom dress features a lace corset with a pink tulle skirt, both of which you can wear separately for occasions to come. Flower appliquйs grace both the top and the skirt, adding one more layer of intriguing detail.

Be even more intriguing with Clarisse’s Chantilly lace short, strapless gown. The black lace cascades over a pink satin sheath; a pink satin waist sash makes the look complete.

Other Wild Options

If you’ve had quite enough of the pink already, thank you very much, you still have a few other options for a gothic and punk rock prom dress. Go for a short and sassy leopard print prom dress or a long, lean and wholly luxurious deep purple gown.

The cocktail dress features a form-fitting sheath, strapless sweetheart neckline and your choice of red, green or blue waist sash. Prom dress designer Scala is responsible for this leopard look, which can be toned down or pumped up even further, depending on your choice of bag, shoes and hairstyle.

Deep purple may not be the new black, but it’s a must-have color just the same. Purple speaks of royalty, imperialism and mystique and you can conquer all three in the dark purple prom gown from designer Mac Duggal.

The dramatic, floor-length dress features sequins bedazzling the strapless bodice and a cascade of textured taffeta extending down the side of the mermaid gown. Add the slimming waist sash and layers of tulle creating the mermaid skirt and you have one stunning dress. An added bonus? It looks killer with feather-spiked hair!

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