Green dress

It only seems like yesterday that I was pulling together the most perfect bridesmaids dresses in Pantone’s Spring 2013 Fashion colours (if you haven’t seen them, take a peek at part I and part II) and yet last month saw the release of their eagerly anticipated Fall 2013 report! And if you thought Spring‘s palette was pretty, just wait until you see Fall‘s…..

Pantone’s Fashion Reports highlight the 10 key colours of each season and for Fall they chose rich jewel tones mixed with the muted colours of nature.

Emerald continues as Pantone’s leading fashion colour for Fall 2013. This colour is so radiant and flattering, as well as super versatile suiting casual, formal, woodland, beach; almost every wedding type and theme, it is easy to see why it is proving so popular…..

green-dress-2 Green dress

 Bridesmaids in Emerald

green-dress-3 Green dress

Windy City Dress in Forest from Modcloth

green-dress-4 Green dress Long Sleeved Midi Dress from ASOS

green-dress-5 Green dressMidi Dress in Lace from ASOS

 Mykonos Blue is mid-toned, with just a hint of grey, and is the perfect Autumnal move on from Pantone’s Spring Monaco Blue. It is also just right for adding a pop of colour – how pretty it would look with coral, orange or dusky pink……

green-dress-6 Green dress Mykonos Blue Bridesmaids

green-dress-7 Green dress Seeing Stars Printed Dress from Ruche

green-dress-8 Green dressL’Wren Scott Lace Dress from StyleBop

green-dress-9 Green dressSlate of the Union Dress from Modcloth

Linden Green is a chic Autumn neutral, a muted green that will just contrast beautifully with the bright palette of nature at this time of year……

green-dress-10 Green dressLinden Green Bridesmaids Dresses

green-dress-11 Green dress Hydrangea Dress from Ruche

green-dress-12 Green dress Vanessa Bruno Dress from StyleBop

green-dress-13 Green dressCollette Dinnigan Lace Dress from Stylebop

Acai (a deep, rich plum colour) is so opulent, almost regal, it would be my colour of choice for bridesmaids at a chic formal wedding…..

green-dress-14 Green dress Bridesmaids in Acai Coloured Dresses

green-dress-15 Green dress

I adore this duo of dresses from Dessy they are just so Audrey!

green-dress-16 Green dress


green-dress-17 Green dress

 That Subtle Sparkle Dress from Modcloth

green-dress-18 Green dress Elie Saab Dress from StyleBop

Red has always been a Winter Wedding colour for me and I adore this Samba (deeper than the Poppy Red we saw in Spring) but equally as sassy and vibrant; it will brighten any Autumn wedding and flatters almost all colourings.….

green-dress-19 Green dressSamba Red Bridesmaids

green-dress-20 Green dress Ralph Lauren Dress from StyleBop

green-dress-21 Green dress

Fashion Show Hostess Dress from Modcloth

green-dress-22 Green dress Valentino Lace Dress from StyleBop

green-dress-23 Green dressRefine Dress from Modcloth

Have you ever seen a palette more sublime?? I do hate to sound like a broken record but Autumn truly is the most picture perfect season. If you haven’t seen anything to tempt you here though wait for Part II which will include Koi, Turbulence, Carafe (as tasty as it sounds) and Vivacious (you ladies that love pink will swoon over that one) And for more Bridesmaids inspiration take a squiz at CVB’s Pinterest Board, packed full with almost 300 pins of bridesmaids and dress inspiration.




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