Green prom dress


Are you considering the color green for your prom dress?  It would be an excellent color to consider as it is considered the second most favorite color, only next to blue.  Green is a fantastic color because the range in greens is so dramatic.  For a Springtime or Summer event, lighter shades of green such as mint are fun to consider.  Ballgowns look especially pretty in a lighter Spring shade of green.  If you have a Fall or Winter event you might want to consider a cooler shade of green, such as an emerald.  Sexy dresses, which are dresses that typically have a low back and slit, look reall fabulous in deep shades of green.  With this color you can really get some pop from your accessories.  For example, pair some hot pink pumps like shown in the picture above with your emerald green dress.  Check out Flirt Prom for their green dresses

– Green is such a cool and collected color! Green is great for stage presence in pageants. We also love beaded dresses in the color green.  Green is a highly sought after color.  Whether you like the palest greens or the bold emerald greens, there is always a large variety of green prom dresses.

What is the Meaning of Green?

Anyone can wear the color green. Green is considered a soothing color. If you think about nature, green is the pervasive color and when you think about nature and all the things that surround it, it is very calming and soothing to the mind. Green is considered the color of peace so wearing a green dress to your event will put the room at ease. The reason you see so much variety in the color green is that it is combined from a cool color (blue) and a warm color (yellow). This is why any skin tone can wear the color green. The key is to know whether you are warm or cool toned and choose a green color that complementes that. One thing to be aware of, there are some greens to avoid. Any green that looks too hospital-like should be avoided. Anything outside of that green shade though will be fantastic for you!

Green is an interesting color in that it conjures up nature, tranquility and peace but is also the color associate with money. Available colors in prom and homecoming dresses include lime green dresses, green print dresses, and the more jeweled dress colors such as emerald gowns. Check out the vast selection, not to miss, green mermaid dresses, low back dresses in many colors, and green beaded gowns.

Green is a harmonious color and would make a great color choice consideration for any event such as prom, pageant, quinceanera, homecoming, cocktail party and much more! This balancing and reassuring color makes a great dress choice no matter whether you are considering a hot, sexy prom dress or if you are looking for a voluminous, princess ballgown. Consider a green dress for your event!

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