Holiday dresses

With the holiday season in full swing, you will need some festive outfits for all the parties marked in your calendar. Whether it’s an office party, family gathering or New Year’s Eve celebration, you want to look your best! When it comes to something suitable for a work affair, you can opt for a figure-hugging dress but leave the sequins out of the equation. A perfect option is a bandage dress; it hugs you in all the right places without being over the top. You can pair your bandage dress with some pumps and a blazer jacket for some extra business appeal.

Have a high-impact gala to go to? Perhaps it’s something for charity or maybe a chic Christmas dinner… Then this is the perfect occasion for an evening gown! It would actually be inappropriate not to be decked out in your most gracious evening gown. And let’s face it girls, who doesn’t love the princess-like feeling you get when you get to wear a gown like this? Maybe it’s not about the gown alone, but also about the jewels and shoes you wear with them. This is truly the occasion to go all out! Hair, makeup, dress, shoes and jewels; we’re talking the whole nine yards!

When you have an event which calls for a cocktail dress; then this is the perfect chance to have some fun with your outfit. Think sequins, bright colors, sheer fabrics and legs for days! You could choose a strapless, sleeveless or backless dress and show off your favorite body part. Of course you can choose a nice and bright sequined dress, but as always there are more demure choices too, such as black or nude. So when you feel like sequins are quite out there just because they are sequins, then you can mute them down a bit by going for a neutral color.

If you are not really into dresses, then you could also go for sequined pants combined with a festive top and a blazer. Make sure to choose a feminine top and accessories to add some extra festivity to your outfit, after all, you are going to a party. So take your highest heels and your prettiest clutch out for a spin and spend lots of time perfecting your hair and makeup.

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