Knitted dresses

For all women to enjoy wearing their beloved dresses in winter and keep warm while being trendy, Dorothy Perkins presents a chic, cozy, and high-end collection of knitted dresses for winter 2013. The collection includes different styles, colors, and designs to choose the best for you and your body. You’ll find yarn dresses, hair dresses, slub dresses, metallic dresses, metallic yarn dresses, jersey dresses, and lace dresses. Colors are also amazing and are totally cozy for winter such as black, grey, blue, purple, red, and wine. Most of the dresses come in plain colors while others come in lovely prints for an edgier look. Another amazing trend that you will find among these dresses is a slight dip hem that some of the dresses have for a unique style that is so fashionable nowadays. The dresses also come with different sleeve lengths; some have full sleeves; some are three quarter sleeved, and some are half sleeved. Finally, various necklines are found like collars, crew necks, V-necks, and roll-necks. The best materials are totally guaranteed as Dorothy Perkins dresses are made of acrylic and polyester to keep you totally warm.

knitted-dresses Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-2 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-3 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-4 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-5 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-6 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-7 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-8 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-9 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-10 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-11 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-12 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-13 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-14 Knitted dresses

knitted-dresses-15 Knitted dresses

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