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Being humans, who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Well, at least not the ladies, no matter if anyone else wishes so (madly enough!!!). Historic evidence points to the fact that women have been always conscious about how they look, as evident from many pre-historic wall paintings in different regions of the world (so, this also reveals the secret why girls are always looking for top ten dresses to wear in a given season and top ten make up trends and stuff).

Well, as we talk of today, fashion sense seems to be flourishing with every single day, with new and trendy fashions emerging on the market and fading away quickly, but contributing to the ever changing fashion world of present times.

Today, there is a trend of wearing different dresses for different events and different places, each one appropriate for that particular moment. Among them, prom dresses are of special significance, especially to the young ladies; in fact, girls ready to turn ladies; a dress meant to be worn on high school prom. As a matter of fact, it has become quite an industry by now, with many forums declaring winners of top ten prom dresses on different levels.

There might be only a meager percentage of people not aware of what a prom actually is. In the United States of America (and most other European countries) promenade, commonly referred as the “prom” is a gathering of formal nature (a black tie dance actually) for high school students. It is usually held in the honor of senior students of high school during the end of the senior year (the last year in the school). However, junior students also have the prom. The juniors may refer to it as “junior prom” while the seniors may refer to it as “senior prom”.

Prom has become quite an intimate part of the school culture, especially in the US, where young students take it quite seriously and try to prepare their best not only for the dance, but also for looking smart and beautiful. Boys wear formal dresses with (black) ties and coats, while girls wear elegant dresses.

night-dress Night dress

As a matter of fact, Prom King and Prom Queen are also announced for the prom, making it even more exciting and every student tries to grab these honorary titles, particularly the girls. For that, they try to wear exceptionally beautiful and elegant dresses by searching different types of online and brick and mortar dress stores for top ten prom dress designs to select from.

To help girls select the best dresses, we have also compiled a collection of fabulous top ten prom dresses. Scroll through them to choose the one that looks best to you.

night-dress-2 Night dress night-dress-3 Night dress night-dress-4 Night dress

night-dress-5 Night dress night-dress-6 Night dress

night-dress-7 Night dress

night-dress-8 Night dress

night-dress-9 Night dress

night-dress-10 Night dress

night-dress-11 Night dress

night-dress Night dress