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plus-size-uk Plus size uk

We don’t know what it is about the UK that just gets fashion right for the plus size woman but we hope they don’t stop whatever it is that they’re doing. Not only are the styles hot (that Animal Print Plus size uk number above), but affordable, even AFTER you factor in the exchange rate (which is around 2x the price listed in pounds) and delivery( which is usually a set amount to the US). So, being the Budget Fashionistas we are, we compile a list of our top online UK stores for plus size women to shop online (and that deliver to the US).

Top UK Plus Size Stores Online

ASOS Curve

plus-size-uk-2 Plus size uk

ASOS, the global online fashion and beauty retailer has won the hearts of both plus and straight size women. They already had a mega strong following for their straight size brands but when they unveiled their Curve line, created for women sizes 16-22, their popularity sky rocketed. We love this UK brand with an US site, because it offers a conglomeration of trendy fashion forward pieces specifically cut for a plus size body. From the ASOS Curve range you will find body hugging pencil skirts in bright colors, an assortment of skinny jeans, peg leg pants, and a cluster of office and casual chic tops. The ASOS Curve line also challenges the fashion rules of what plus size women shouldn’t wear. You’ll find pleated shorts, cropped trousers in bright colors as well as mini dresses and playsuits in fun prints. An added plus is that ASOS offers free standard shipping on their US site.

Dorothy Perkins

plus-size-uk-3 Plus size uk

Dorothy Perkins  is sort like the British Forever21. While it’s not a “plus size” site, the does go up to a Uk size 22/US 18 and, because of their generous cuts, their styles can be worn by those up to a US size 20/22. We like Dorothy Perkins because it offers pieces from just about every fashion decade. You can find fun color blocked sweaters, flowy 50’s style dresses, and structured jackets. Not only do they have an awesome selection of apparel but their shoes and handbags are equally great. The store offers a flat rate 7.95 pound shipping to the US.


plus-size-uk-4 Plus size uk

Evans is sort of like the UK’s version of Lane Bryant- a ubiquitous store that tends to cater to the “older” set. While the store has ventured into more trend focused wear (ie a line by Beth Ditto), for the most part the store focuses on classic styles and basic pieces in US sizes 14-28. A plus size fashionista will find bohemian prints, loads of maxi dresses and cute tunic style dresses. You will also find colorful t-shirts and a small selection of work wear pieces. Interestingly, Evans is owned by the same people who own Topshopplus-size-uk-5 Plus size uk (so why is Evans so behind on the fashion curve?)

Simply Be

plus-size-uk-6 Plus size uk

If you’re looking for comfy dresses in standout prints then Simply Be is a site worth checking out. Note: you will need a bit of patience as the site is a hot mess to navigate. We like Simply Be for plus size women because it has a mash up of styles that range from quirky to bohemian. On this site and find a pair of floral palazzo pants, a 70’s style paisley print tunic, to a tribal print maxi dress in US sizes 10-28. They also carry other plus size brands like Anna Scholz and Joe Brown. Looking for wide calf boots? Simply Be has you covered.

Style 369

plus-size-uk-7 Plus size uk

This Junior plus size site (owned by the same folks who own Evans) is for the curvy girl who wants trendy fashion forward pieces on a budget. Currently the face of this brand is Hayley Hasselhoff , David Hasselhoff’s daughter. The site also offers a medley of other UK brands like Lovedrobe, Max C. and Praisin. Our only grip is that most of the items are in dark gray or black.

New Look-Inspire

plus-size-uk-8 Plus size uk

New Look is again other one of the UKs high street-forever21 like brands that are everywhere in the UK. Their plus size section offers everything from denim, trousers, jackets, casual day dresses to knitwear and hosiery. Although they carry classic pieces in way too much gray and black, they do try to throw in a updated piece like this mustard yellow top. Sizes range from 14-22.

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