Prom dresses under 200

prom-dresses-under-200 Prom dresses under 200

When Michael and I eloped a few years ago, we were just a couple of broke kids who didn’t want to have to wait until our wedding date to get benefits and insurance. Since we were having a “real” wedding* the following year, we tried to be very nonchalant about the whole thing. We rolled out of bed one morning, threw on some cute clothes, and drove to the city clerk’s office with two of our closest friends. Then we had French fries and beer.

Looking back, there are parts of that day that are way more romantic than our wedding wedding (which, don’t get me wrong, I loved to pieces as well). But the whole thing was delightfully unfussy, unplanned, and we didn’t worry about whether or not things were perfect. We just took what we had and made it work.

Since then, I’ve always thought impromptu city hall weddings are some of the most romantic. And it is in the spirit of these kinds of nuptials that we bring you today’s roundup. Because while you certainly don’t need to buy anything new for an elopement or courthouse wedding (I wore a clearance H&M dress I already had in my closet), maybe you want to. And do you want to know what the best part of getting married in a casual dress is? You can wear your wedding dress any day you want, anywhere you want, and nobody has to know. It’s the same thrill as having super awesome underwear on, except everybody can see it. Win!


*Editor’s Note: Of course ALL weddings are real. Duh, self.

prom-dresses-under-200-2 Prom dresses under 200

Jacqueline Marie Bow Dress from Ruche ($74.99)

prom-dresses-under-200-3 Prom dresses under 200

Plus Size Bonded Lace Dress from Simply Be ($69.00)

prom-dresses-under-200-4 Prom dresses under 200

Studded Collar Georgette Dress from Forever 21 ($24.80)

prom-dresses-under-200-5 Prom dresses under 200

Cutout Shoulder Dress from Nordstrom ($86.00)

prom-dresses-under-200-6 Prom dresses under 200

Adrift on a Cloud Dress from ModCloth ($99.00)

prom-dresses-under-200-7 Prom dresses under 200

Sonja Lace Detail Dress from Ruche ($42.99)

prom-dresses-under-200-8 Prom dresses under 200

Bow, How Wonderful Dress from ModCloth ($49.99)

prom-dresses-under-200-9 Prom dresses under 200

Plus Size Ponte Stud Tunic Dress from Simbly Be ($75.00)

prom-dresses-under-200-10 Prom dresses under 200

Plus Size White Pantsuit from Ashley Stewart  ($76.26)

prom-dresses-under-200-11 Prom dresses under 200

Spike Stud Peplum Dress from Forever 21 ($22.80)

prom-dresses-under-200-12 Prom dresses under 200

Lace Midi Dress from Topshop ($92.00)

prom-dresses-under-200-13 Prom dresses under 200

Bad Behavior Dress from Nasty Gal ($58.00)

prom-dresses-under-200-14 Prom dresses under 200

Draped Chiffon Halter Dress from Nordstrom ($99.97)