Spring dresses

Spring has officially sprung! I’m not sure about you readers, but yesterday we had a balmy day of 75 degrees in the Bay. Which means, of course, that it’s time to think about what to wear this spring to all the wonderful weddings you’re attending. Well, you can kiss leggings, boots, and scarves goodbye and give a sunny¬†helloooooooooo to bare legs, bright colors, and fun outfits. But before you go on your spring shopping spree, make sure you know what’s in style for weddings in 2013. We’ve got you covered here with the top 3 looks you should rock to your next wedding or bridal event for a friend. Whether you’re demure or bold, flirty or fierce, these 3 looks will make any gal feel happy and stylish.

Unexpected patterns and prints:

Abstract, daring prints in exciting colors are making a comeback this spring. We love this look, because you know you’ll be totally unique and chic at any wedding you attend sporting a frock with an interesting print.

spring-dresses Spring dresses

Shop Hopes

spring-dresses-2 Spring dresses


spring-dresses-3 Spring dresses


spring-dresses-4 Spring dresses


spring-dresses-5 Spring dresses

Mina Stone

spring-dresses-6 Spring dresses

Styling in Style

spring-dresses-7 Spring dresses


Feminine, retro polka dots:

What could be more girly and pretty than polka dots? This spring’s trendy polka dots are bigger and in bold colors, much like the retro polka dots of the 50′s and 60′s. Pair your polka dotted items with other patterns for an unexpected (but pretty) stylish punch.

spring-dresses-8 Spring dresses


spring-dresses-9 Spring dresses

Gal Meets Glam

spring-dresses-10 Spring dresses

Chic Scribe

spring-dresses-11 Spring dresses

Wear in LA

spring-dresses-12 Spring dresses

Les Haute Couture

spring-dresses-13 Spring dresses


spring-dresses-14 Spring dresses

Minx Society

spring-dresses-15 Spring dresses

Glamour Magazine

Bright color blocked outfits:

We can’t get enough of this look! Make a statement by pairing bold, solid colored pieces together to create a playful and daring outfit. The brighter the better!

spring-dresses-16 Spring dresses

A Little Dash of Darling

spring-dresses-17 Spring dresses

Long Hair Styles How To

spring-dresses-18 Spring dresses

The Pursuit of Style

spring-dresses-19 Spring dresses

Long Hair Styles How To

spring-dresses-20 Spring dresses

The Daily

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spring-dresses-22 Spring dresses

 The Vine