Sweet 16 dresses

I could not be more excited to share the debut (you won’t be believe it when you see it) bridal collection of super talented New Zealand designer Kelsey Genna – there aren’t the words to describe how divine these wedding dresses are, so I am going to let the heavenly campaign images do the talking…..

sweet-16-dresses Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-2 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-3 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-4 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-5 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-6 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-7 Sweet 16 dresses

New Zealand born and based, Kelsey began on Etsy in 2008; selling her first dress when she was just ‘sweet 16′ – ‘I started my business on close to $20. I remember going to a fabric sale one morning and coming home with 20m of $1 (per metre) fabrics! Being able to sell my dresses online to girls all over the world has always been novel to me. During my first year of business I kept a world map on the wall, placing pins on the cities I had sales in. Funnily enough, it took me two full years of selling online before I had my first New Zealand sale.’

Back then, Kelsey Genna really was a one woman show. ‘I shot my first handful of lookbooks on our family point & snap camera, with my best friend kindly modelling.’ Oh how times have changed, this gorgeous campaign was styled to perfection and captured by Benjamin & Elise.

sweet-16-dresses-8 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-9 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-10 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-11 Sweet 16 dresses

Kelsey Genna Bridal gowns are crafted in house, with all pieces limited editions, many one of a kind. Valuing attention to detail, stunning craftsmanship and high quality fabrics, Kelsey’s designs are brought to life with floral inspired embellishments and the most beautiful detailing, drawing on a childhood favourite (of mine too) for  inspiration….

‘I don’t really have any deep philosophical meaning behind my designs, I  mostly just enjoy making aesthetically pretty pieces! A lot of my ideas comes  from nature & flowers. When I was younger my mother gave me the book ‘A  Flower Fairies Treasury’ by Cicely Mary Barker. I think that has been my biggest  source of inspiration to date – I treasure it more than I did as a  child.’ (I used to have the Almond Blossom fairy)

sweet-16-dresses-12 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-13 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-14 Sweet 16 dresses
sweet-16-dresses-15 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-16 Sweet 16 dresses

Kelsey’s boutique is online, however she believes in working closely with each and every one of her brides ensuring each transaction is a very special experience. All pieces are made to measure and she will happily customise gowns to flatter every brides unique style and body shape.

sweet-16-dresses-17 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-18 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-19 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-20 Sweet 16 dresses

sweet-16-dresses-21 Sweet 16 dresses

Don’t they just set your heart a flutter? Such awe-inspiring and unique designs, I love them all…. Spring Bouquet would be the one for me though. How about you?

Alongside the new bridal collection Kelsey has also created a new blog – The Flower Bride where you will find all sorts of gorgeous imagery and updates about the Kelsey Genna label, bridal and trend stories, plus features on people who inspire the designer herself.

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