Tibi dresses

In the pre-fall collection of Tibi fashion house, the designer seemed affected by the boys’ club. Moreover, Amy Smilovic, the creative designer, was targeting with these designs the downtown crowd stores. That’s why; the collection seemed creative and refreshing with its looks and designs. Anyhow, the designer showed her real talent with those elegant and unique pieces. The collection was held on NEW YORK, December 15, 2011. The collection was described by its wide variety and great distinction with colors, fabrics, prints and cuts. The color palette included; black, fuchsia, creamy, grey and yellow. The used fabrics were wool, knit and gabardine. As for the prints, the designer chose suitable ones for the overwhelming theme of the presentation. They were just crocodile prints or vibrant floral patterns. The cuts were jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses. Jackets were formal blazers, double-faced, with zipper accent or sporty short jackets. Trousers were cropped pants, slim and to ankle length. Skirts also were straight, pleated with either short or knee length. Dresses were strapless, sleeveless, half-sleeved, straight, buttoned down with knee length. Finally, the designer employed accessories like flat shoes or high-heeled sandals.

tibi-dresses Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-2 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-3 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-4 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-5 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-6 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-7 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-8 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-9 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-10 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-11 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-12 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-13 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-14 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-15 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-16 Tibi dresses

tibi-dresses-17 Tibi dresses

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