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Fall is a romantic season for a wedding. The changing colors of the season and the crispness in the air naturally make most people starry-eyed. When you have the opportunity to attend a fall wedding, do so in a style worthy of the occasion. Consider these factors when selecting your wedding guest outfit.


In celebration of fall, wear colors you would naturally find in a fall color scheme. Brilliant reds, burnt orange and pale yellows mixed with earthy browns make the perfect color combination. Plums and deep purples are also colors associated with fall.

Add a touch of gold with gold toned accessories like a stylish belt, shoes or handbag. Avoid wearing all gold as this may be considered in bad taste. This is the bride”s big day, and you would not want to steal her spotlight.


Fall weather can be unpredictable, and if the wedding is outdoors your material choice is even more important. Choose garment textures that are nice to touch and to see. Silk and satin make the ideal materials, but you can get seasonal with cashmere or velvet too. When planning what to wear at a fall wedding, consider combining fabrics for a luxurious look.

What Women and Girls Should Wear

Dress length for women and girls should be selected according to the weather and the time of day the wedding will be held. For an early morning wedding, a knee length dress is appropriate. Do not wear dresses that have a hemline more than two inches above the knee. Wear hose or tights if the temperature is cool.

An afternoon wedding can take the hemline from the knee to the calf or anywhere in between. For an evening wedding, wear a full-length gown. However, if your area is receiving some fall rains or a wintry mix, then avoid wearing dresses so long that the hems could get wet or muddy. A trendy pantsuit is always a good style choice. Try a pumpkin colored suit with a russet undershirt. Wear long sleeves when possible for extra warmth.

Tights make the perfect fall winter gear for wearing under dresses. Little girls should wear colored or black tights at a fall wedding. They will look great and stay warm.

What Men and Boys Should Wear

Suits are an easy wardrobe solution for a fall wedding and they look nice on boys and men. Boys can wear a two piece suit made of soft brown or dark green corduroy. Match the suit with a pumpkin-colored shirt to wear with the outfit. Boys need long sleeved shirts for warmth and style.

Men should wear a nice suit or sweater and dress pants. Colorful sweaters made from fall colors will keep him snug while he looks nice. Dress up a pair of dress pants with a sweater and dress shoes. If he prefers, he may wish to wear a suit. Choose a matching shirt and handkerchief in salmon, deep red or fall tans.

What to Avoid Wearing

There are some fashion choices a guest should not wear to a wedding, regardless of the season. Run through the checklist to be sure your wardrobe abides by wedding etiquette rules:

  • White – Besides the fact wearing white after Labor Day is taboo, white is always wrong to wear at a wedding when you aren”t the bride.
  • Open toes – Leave your open toed shoes at home. They do not belong at a fall wedding. Flip-flops and sandals are also huge fashion faux pas.
  • See through clothing – If you are not sure if a top is opaque or just plain see-through, do not wear it.

Stylish Fall Outerwear

When it is chilly out, you will need to stay fashionably warm. While choosing what to wear to a fall wedding, do not forget an attractive wrap. Wearing an overcoat or trench coat will defeat the purpose of putting together such a top notch outfit. Try wearing a pashmina wrap in a fall color. A wrap with a falling leaf pattern would be exceptionally pretty. Lace wraps and cashmere cloaks are nice elements that will give you loads of warmth.

A stylish, belted leather jacket is good for men and women. Cold weather weddings will give you the perfect excuse for wearing your favorite zip up leather coat.

Fall wedding clothes are colorful and fun, reminiscent of this special season.

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