White prom dresses

Our lovely line of white prom gowns comes in so many cuts, styles and designs you’re sure to find one that does right by you. Designers know white is hot for prom, which means you’ll find an exceptional array from many of our top-selling prom dress designers. They include Jovani, Terani, Clarisse, Blush, Tony Bowls, Mac Duggal and Mori Lee.
Why White?

White has traditionally symbolized purity, goodness and faith. It has also been looked at as the color of perfection! That alone should sell you on a white prom gown.

Another big plus with choosing white is the wildness you can exhibit with your choice of accessories. White prom dresses can go ga-ga with neon bejeweled clutches, a bold and beautiful sash, or tiger stripe heels. Of course, you can always keep the all-white thing rocking with cloud-colored purses and pumps.

White can also compliment any hair color and skin tone, leaving any gal looking like a veritable angel on earth. That’s unless you’d rather be a bit sassy, of course. Then white has you covered in that arena, too.

White Cocktail Dresses

Hello, cutie pie! White cocktail dresses have the distinct power to give off the cute vibe without looking like you’re still in kindergarten. No, way. The short and saucy styles stay cute while adding a layer of sensational.

If you don’t believe it, take a gander at the sweet array of short strapless prom gowns that feature a tailored bodice and fluffy, full skirt. You can go for an all-white tulle gown with a blast of hot pink on the contrasting sash.

You can also go for white decked out with strategically placed embellishments. One strategy is a big, gorgeous jewel in the center of the bodice. Another is a white cocktail dress sprinkled with shimmering jewels throughout the entire top. Is white nice, or what?

White Full-Length Gowns

Hello, goddess! Full-length white gives off a major goddess vibe, channeling a red-carpet movie goddess or an actual goddess who strode right out Greek mythology!

Athena, Angelina, or Aphrodite? It”s your call goddess girl!

Body-hugging sheaths are a very hot way to go all-white. Options include a one-shouldered look, back and side cutouts, or a major blast of jewels down the center of the back. You’ll love that one so much you’ll need to bring a pair of mirrors so you can keep admiring the intricate beadwork.

Another full-length option is the sensational double-duty dress. A shimmering silver piece by Clarisse does double duty as a cocktail dress and full-length gown. The flowing, full-length skirt in the back perfectly compliments the front’s strapless, beaded bodice and short, form-fitting skirt.

Other white full-length options include white and wicked mermaid gowns as well as timeless white ball gowns. Mermaid gowns are always hot for body-hugging curves that erupt into a floor-swishing full skirt. And the ball gowns, well, they complete your real life fairy tale!

White Dresses with Killer Accents

White certainly shines on its own, but add some killer accents and your prom dress is screaming for attention. White and black have always been one of the most striking combinations you can muster, and prom gowns do it with super-striking style.

White full-length with black on the bodice, edging the flouncy skirt or brazenly blasting a blossom across the side are just a few of your options. Others include a mermaid gown with black ribbon laced through the entire body of the dress, or a soothing tones of white mingled with blue in a fab floral skirt.

Go short and you can have a bouquet of flowers cascading through the bodice and skirt, or a form-fitting cocktail dress with a black skirt and embellishments offsetting a strapless white bodice. Don’t forget the kitschy-cool black and white polka dot baby doll dress with the black satin bodice and the hot pink sash.

You’ll notice several of our white prom dresses are just too amazing to be contained to a white-only option. A number of the sizzling styles come in prints or other solids, perhaps just in case you want two or even three! You can’t go wrong in any of our white prom dress options. But then again, you can’t go wrong with any of the other options throughout the rest of our site, either.

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